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Mary M. Hogan

Mary M. Hogan ist eine Quilterin, Lehrerin, Autorin von mittlerweile vier Büchern – und eine wundervolle Frau. Außerdem ist sie Mitglied der Ann Arbor Quilt Gilde, und das ist großartig, denn so sehe ich sie nicht nur regelmäßig in Workshops, sondern auch bei den Gildetreffen – zumindest online, in letzter Zeit.

Mary M. Hogan

Mary M. Hogan is a quilter, teacher, author of meanwhile four books – and a wonderful woman. She’s also member of the Greater Ann Arbor Quild Guild, which is great, because this way I get to meet her not only in her workshops, but also at guild meetings. At least online, recently.

Life Goes on – Live

No, this is not about our cat. It’s about our new normal, the world we live in right now. And about how we cope. Especially how quilters cope. And, let’s be clear: a whole bunch of my beloved fellow quilters belong to that group of very vulnerable folks, that need to be especially careful to not catch that lousy virus. But these very quilters are also darn smart, upbeat and openminded. And that’s what this post is all about.