License to Teach

I am a certified teacher – that’s my 007-license to teach…
Shannon Brinkley’s signature technique Scrappy Appliqué™
a fun and simple way to get great results with raw-edge appliqué very quickly
and her ColorConfidence for Quilters
a great curriculum about color – not only for quilters.

Teilnehmerinnen im Farbenlehre-Workshop setzen ihr Wissen gleich am echten Quilt um

Hands on, fun and lots to learn: Color Lecture



Rückmeldungen und Testimonials zu Quiltworkshops

What my students write :o)


Find out more about what I have to offer for your group, shop, guild… and give me a shout out if you are interested in having me coming over.

Scrappy Appliqué Workshops and Lecture with TrunkShow

Color Confidence for Quilters — Workshops and Lecture with TrunkShow

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