Scrappy Appliqué™


In these classes students learn how to use the simple raw-edge appliqué technique by Shannon Brinkley.

You can never have too many pumpkins, can you?


Take a template and have a blast choosing beautiful fabric, that, once collaged together, will create a really striking and modern look.

Scrappy appliqué is a perfect technique not only for bed quilts, but also makes great wall hangings and embellishments for bags, pillows, tea-towels…

„Deer“ Santa

It’s a really fun, easy to pick up process that works well for beginners and advanced quilters alike, hence a great class for groups with a variety of skill levels. Beginners love it because it is approachable and doesn’t require much precision, and experienced quilters enjoy it because it is a very different/unique process with lots of creative possibilities.

My Detroit – Scrappy Appliqué made with old jeans and fancy sequin tops from Goodwill


Since the technique is the same for all templates, each student chooses their favorite pattern for this class, and we go through the whole process together, step-by-step. Every student’s project is totally unique, and it is so much fun to see what everyone creates! 

Home sweet home: Cologne, Germany

Patterns are available through Shannon Brinkley’s website or through me prior to the workshop. I also can bring supply-kits when ordered in advance. 


Workshop duration

3-hour class: Students will go home with an (almost) completed appliqué piece and the knowledge to finish at home with ease (this shorty might require a bit of pre-work, depending on the size of the piece). 

6-hour class: Some students will get to the sewing stage. 

2-day-workshop: A lot of additional tips and tricks. Most of the students will get their quilt top finished or nearly finished, some of them will even begin quilting their project.



This one-hour program provides an overview of Shannon Brinkley’s fun raw-edge appliqué technique. After a brief introduction, each step of the process is covered. Absolute beginners as well as seasoned quilters will be inspired. I include a trunk show of my own Scrappy Appliqué quilts to give you lots of ideas. You will understand the technique from beginning to end, talk about color and fabric choices as well as finishing options.
Be warned: Most participants can’t wait to try this awesome technique themselves.

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  1. […] Nico Laudenberg er quilter og vi ble digital kjent i 2022. Da var vi begge på BlogBang-kurs av Judith fra Sympatexter. På det tidspunktet bodde Nico i USA og var i ferd med å flytte tilbake til Tyskland. I løpet av de siste 12 månedene har hun rukket å bli en ettertraktet kursholder ved Patchworkgilde – bl.a. med Scrappy Appliqué-teknikken. Jeg unnet meg selv litt egentid og en kveldkurs via Zoom. Bra erfaring og mye gøy. […]

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