Color Confidence™

Color Confidence for Quilters 


Intimidated by selecting colors? Stuck in a color rut, tired of using the same colors over and over? Done with using exclusively kits but no clue where to start? Ready to leave your comfort zone and think stunning out-of-the-box palettes? 

Feel comfortable with color choices and fabric pulls in no time!

Let’s demystify the ’artists are born with a supernatural sense of color, out of reach for normal humans like us’ thing. 

Everyone can develop an ’eye for color’ — and it’s a lifelong process. Learn the rules around color, play with new color stories, pay attention to design and color palettes and figure out what really attracts or repels you. Experiment with those conclusions to strengthen your understanding, and little by little your intuition for color gets stronger, until you are able to pull together gorgeous palettes, just like that. Plus: you will become better and better every year. 

This color curriculum is made to train our eye to notice the different aspects of color. We’ll learn about color theory, explore classic color palettes and how to build them, discuss harmony, contrast and balance. Exercises will literally teach our eyes to distinguish subtle differences in hue, value, tone and saturation. We’ll also learn how to mix and match prints by playing with color and scale to create totally unique and beautiful looks.

The workshops are very hands-on and concrete, and will add to everyone’s tool belt of color skills needed to mix and match fabrics like a pro. It is ideal for any and all quilters that want to take their color and fabric selection to the next level: It is appropriate for quilters who have no idea how to use a color wheel and are totally intimidated by choosing colors; as well as for quilters with a great eye for color who are looking to create more interesting, dynamic palettes, troubleshoot the subtle ‚offs‘ in their choices and develop their own signature style (and everyone in between).

I am a Certified Instructor in Color Confidence for Quilters™, developed by Shannon Brinkley.


Mix and match workshop elements

Workshops can be tailored to meet the needs and interests of your group. Most common are half day (3 hours), full day (6 hours) and 2 full days. 

I can work with you to schedule a longer or shorter workshop based on your schedule, for example five one-hour-sessions, once a week, if you are close to Ann Arbor.

Depending on the workshop duration, we will cover:

  • The Art and Science of Color
  • Color theory basics
  • Hue
  • Value
  • Tone/Clarity: The key role player, and how to use it to pair fabrics beautifully
  • Saturation
  • Color wheel: How to use it to choose fabrics
  • Classic Color Palettes
  • The 2 “Magic Dials” that can make any colors work together
  • Neutrals: How to identify and use undertones
  • Prints: How to best mix and match them
  • Pulling fabric like a pro
  • How to identify and develop your signature color style



The best part of this one-hour program is that it looks at color theory in a way that helps quilters make or understand their fabric choices. We will cover basics like hue, value, saturation and clarity and talk about how we can use these concepts to produce harmony, contrast and balance in our quilts.

Students will learn a lot about color and how to use it, but also gain some insights in their own way how they approach the creative process, no matter if they are cautious beginners, sticking to kits and precut bundles, or confident pros that rarely question their color choices. 

Of course, we will have a trunk show that will explore each of these concepts in quilts. 

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